Transform your outdoor oasis with sun-tolerant landscaping! These 5 tips can help you create a vibrant and resilient garden under the sun: 1. Choose drought-tolerant plants like succulents and ornamental grasses for low-maintenance beauty. 2. Incorporate native plants that thrive in your region's sun exposure and soil conditions. 3. Mulch your garden beds to retain moisture and suppress weed growth, keeping your plants happy and healthy. 4. Install efficient irrigation systems, such as drip irrigation, to minimize water usage while delivering hydration to your plants' roots. 5. Create shaded areas with pergolas, umbrellas, or trellises to provide relief from the sun and enhance your outdoor comfort. ???? Everyone deserves a gorgeous…

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Fall foliage might be pretty to look at, but it can do a number on grass, especially as the season progresses. In just a few weeks, leaves can become a heavy, wet blanket. Whether you choose to rake them up or push them into piles with a leaf blower, make sure to get the job done fast. Why the rush? Leaves can block sunlight and moisture from feeding your lawn. They can host fungi and attract pests too.

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