As the weather gets chilly, low temperatures could create nuisances for your home. ❄️ Here’s some advice that can help prevent dreaded frozen pipes:

???? Insulate exposed pipes to keep them warm.
???? Seal gaps or cracks in your walls and foundation.
???? Let faucets drip on chilly nights to maintain water flow.
???? Open cabinet doors to let warm air reach pipes under sinks.
???? Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses.

Save yourself from the icy plumbing hassle. ????✨ For more home-maintenance advice, send me a message today! ???? ⬇️

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Out of sight, out of mind? Not when it comes to your roof and gutters! Regular maintenance like cleaning leaves out of your gutters is the secret to a happy home. It's not just about curb appeal—it's about protecting your investment. By clearing away debris and leaves, you ensure proper drainage, maintain a neat appearance, and help prevent potential damage to areas like your siding and foundation. Your house will thank you!

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Fall foliage might be pretty to look at, but it can do a number on grass, especially as the season progresses. In just a few weeks, leaves can become a heavy, wet blanket. Whether you choose to rake them up or push them into piles with a leaf blower, make sure to get the job done fast. Why the rush? Leaves can block sunlight and moisture from feeding your lawn. They can host fungi and attract pests too.

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