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February 2016

Found 6 blog entries for February 2016.

The News-Dispatch reported more affordable housing is coming to Howard Ranch.    

The City Council approved the zoning change from agricultural to single family residential/town center, resulting in an additional 35 cottages to be added to the Gardens of Howard Ranch Subdivision.  The 1500 square foot cottages will be on smaller 3500 square foot lots.  It’s expected to attract empty nesters and those wishing to downsize into more affordable housing.  Prices haven’t been set yet, but it should be considerably lower than the typical home in Dripping Springs.  Ground breaking is planned in the next 30 to 60 days.

The new zoning is a result of the Dripping Spring’s partnership in the Sustainable Places Project. New zoning could only be applied for new

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If you’re like me, you assume the IRS wants as much information about your financial life as possible. And that’s typically true — except when you sell your home and make a profit of less than $250,000 (or less than $500,000 when you file a joint return with your spouse). If you meet those qualifications, and if you have lived in that home for two of the five years before you sell, the IRS doesn’t want to hear about your home sale, because the profit you make is excluded from being taxed under U.S. Code Section 121.

Here are five tax deductions you should take this year.

1. Selling costs

If you don’t qualify for the 121 exclusion, you will owe taxes on any profit, so make sure you deduct all your selling costs from your gain. 

2. Moving

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Aaron Barfoot, chief financial officer of ClearData, said in a statement. “Austin’s growing health care industry, world-renowned technology sector and highly educated talent pool make it a great opportunity for our company."

ClearData, which has other offices in San Francisco and San Antonio, was founded in 2009 and develops a cloud computing platform for physicians and health care companies to securely store and share their data. The company said more than 320,000 health care professionals use its services. The company plans to keep its office in Tempe, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

ClearData raised $25 million last May to expand its sales and marketing team and continue developing “As a leader in digital health care cloud services, we

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Before your realtor books the photographer to market your property, it’s important to address the following 8 items to ensure your home’s exterior is looking its best.

  1.        Hire a landscaper to trim trees and bushes, put down fresh mulch, add color by planting annuals (if the season allows) and generally make the front yard look clean and well-defined.
  2.        Power  wash the exterior of the house, garage, driveway and walkways.
  3.        Wash all the windows inside and out and remove the front window screens. 
  4.        Consider upgrading the house hardware: mailbox, house numbers, door handle and light fixtures.
  5.        Make the entryway look inviting with potted plants or a door wreath and a new welcome mat.
  6.        If necessary, touch up
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When it's Round Up time in Texas – hot rods and custom cars gather here from every corner of the country to create something special.

It's more than just a car show.  Austin’s Lonestar Round Up is a weekend-long celebration of custom cars and vintage hot rods driven here from all over the country.  Since it's beginning in 2002, the Round Up has grown from a humble one-day outdoor car show hosted at an old football stadium, to the sprawling celebration that takes place in April every year. The weekend kicks off with a Welcome BBQ and continues with live music, mini bike races, art exhibits and a giant swap meet. There are also open house parties and cruise nights at various locations throughout Austin, making this one of the nation’s most popular hot

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According to an article I read this week in U.S. News Frugal Shopper, sometimes spending less money is all about becoming more aware of how cash leaves your wallet. Whether it’s going toward eating out or necessities like rent, sometimes it pays – literally –to become a bit more mindful about your spending habits. Since the start of the new year, I have tried paying with cash, and it seems to be especially effective for me.  See if any of these ideas will help you.

Organize what you have.

If you don’t know the items you already own, then you can end up buying double. That’s why Kendal Perez, spokeswoman for, suggests first tackling organization around the home. Get rid of what you no longer need so you can see what’s in your closets

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